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Jamel Lorick is a talented R&B/Soul artist who has been making waves in the music industry for quite some time. His songs are notable for the way they combine various musical influences, creating a sound that is emotional but uplifting and energetic. Raised in his father's Pentecostal church, as a teen, he made the leap from sacred to secular, while never abandoning his churchy' sound. That sound has allowed him to sing across America as well as overseas. 


Jamel has a very versatile style, which is reminiscent of icons such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Leon Bridges, only to mention a few. Influences aside, one of the things that set Jamel apart from other artists is his ability to genuinely make an impact on the audience through his music. Jamel knows that music has the power to bring out the best in people, and this is why he strives to come up with beautiful songs that speak to people of all backgrounds. One of the most exciting features of Jamel’s music is the natural vibe that drives his recordings. Each song has a very impactful, retro-inspired twist, which really brings out the best of Jamel’s functionality and vision. The artist has released a fantastic single, the stunning track “Forgot to Love You.” This is a soulful R&B tune, which comes with smooth, velvety melodies and incredibly romantic lyrics.


The song tells the story of two lovers who are constantly struggling with their feelings for each other, and they forget that love isn’t about gifts and showering the significant other with silver and gold. It is really about being there and offering love above everything else! The lyrics paint a picture of a relationship that is both beautiful and painful as the couple navigates the ups and downs of their love. The song's overall message is one of belief in true love, as it reminds us that love isn’t about all the fancy gifts but what’s inside our hearts.


Jamel knows what it takes to express love and share feelings. His smooth melodies and soulful lyrics can touch the hearts of listeners and convey emotions that words alone sometimes cannot. Whether it's an upbeat love song or a heartbreak ballad, the artist has the power to turn genuine emotion into full-formed and inspiring songs with a message that is nothing short of universal.

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